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Hewlett-Packard: Designjet Z3100

Z3100, photo printer, inkjet printer, Hewlett Packard

All the same incredible features of the Z2100, but with 12-inks, quad-black and a gloss enhancer!

True Black & White, with Totally Neutral Gray

  • Beautiful black-and-white prints with the HP Quad-Black ink set.
  • HP Vivera pigment inks deliver true gray neutrality under different lighting conditions and produce smooth continuous tones and deep rich blacks.
  • Superior gloss uniformity and elimination of bronzing with HP Gloss Enhancer. Used on glossy and semigloss photo papers to produce images with uniform gloss from highlights to shadows.
  • Achieve truly neutral grays under different lighting conditions, continuous tones, uniform gloss, rich blacks, and the elimination of bronzing as an image-quality issue.
  • Switch between matte and glossy papers without having to swap black cartridges.

Incredible 12-Ink System Creates Lasting Impressions

  • HP's 12-ink printing system involves six HP 70 Printheads, each printing two colors of ink with 1,056 nozzles per color.
  • The system includes the HP Gloss Enhancer and HP Vivera pigment inks in seven colors and four blacks. Light cyan, light magenta, gray, light gray, photo black, matte black, cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue + gloss enhancer.
  • These inks deliver an exceptionally broad color gamut for photographic and graphics art applications, superb neutral tones, and deep blacks on matte, glossy, semi-gloss, and fine art papers.
  • Water resistant prints resist fading for over 200 years
  • Rich, dark blacks on matte and glossy papers without swapping cartridges. The HP Quad-Black ink set resides in the printer at all times.
  • Achieve consistent results on a wide range of papers. Choose from a variety of HP papers from plain to glossy, including backlit, indoor banner, and other commercially available papers.

Embedded Spectrophotometer

  • The embedded spectrophotometer with i1 Color Technology from GretagMacbeth is mounted on the printer carriage and revolutionizes professional color workflows by automating media profiling.
  • Automatically generate custom RGB ICC profiles for any media. (roll or sheet)
  • Load any media you wish to use and the embedded spectrophotometer with i1 color technology will provide you with a simple workflow to automatically create a beautiful profile and precise printer calibration.
  • This broad color gamut will provide over 80% Pantone¬® coverage, and full compliance with prepress standards.
  • Also, with the optional HP Advanced Profiling Solution, you can edit and modify existing profiles and create CMYK profiles.

Smart, Simple Workflow

  • Eliminate trial and error with real-time layout and orientation preview. Take the guess-work out of margins. Save time and materials.
  • Glide effortlessly through color management and printing with the HP Color Center tool.
  • Save time with HP Easy Printer Care/HP Printer Utility software. Monitor the status of printers & supplies and get the latest updates.
  • Expect always-on quality with automatic servicing routines that are economical and convenient thanks to proactive printhead maintenance.
  • Have your questions answered. Application settings and color management consultation at your fingertips with the HP Knowledge Center.

Great HP Service

  • The HP Color Expert Service powered by X-Rite Color Services: Call one phone-number for immediate, reliable answers to all of your questions on color, color management software and hardware, RIPs, design applications, output devices, drivers and operating systems.
  • HP Care Pack and Post Warranty Services: Reduce downtime and mitigate the risk of unbudgeted repair costs. 3-5 year warranty extensions available.


Max Resolution2,400 x 1,200 dpi
Max Speed2 min per page (coated paper) / 5.8 min per page (glossy paper)
Standard (Production) Speed4.2 min per page (coated paper) / 7.9 min per page (glossy paper)
Slow (Quality) Speed9.8 min per page (coated paper) / 15 min per page (glossy paper)
Number of Inks12
Max Width24" or 44"
Head TechnologyPiezo


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