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Lamination Assist Guide

Rigid Displays

Any piece that is applied to a rigid surface such as foam core, gatorboard, PVC, Plexiglas, sheet metal, etc.

How to Make It

  1. Make a decal. A decal means a printed piece that has an overlaminate on the face of the print, for protection, and a pressure sensitive adhesive similar to double stick tape on the back of the print, thus creating a large bumper sticker.
  2. Mount the print to the rigid surface of choice. With a GBC, Seal or Xyron laminator this is a one pass process.

Recommended Products

For the Face - Any hot, lo-melt, or cold film
For the Back - Dura, Premium, White Mount or Removable, Thermal, HMA

Flexible Displays

An encapsulated or double side laminated print to be rolled up for travel, storage or transport.

How to Make It

You will simply seal a print between two layers with approximately a 1/4" trim on all sides to protect the image inside.

  • Dual Heated Roll Laminator: If you have this type of laminator you can achieve an encapsulated print in a single pass.
  • Single Heated Roll Laminator (with dual rollers): This would be a double-sided laminate, not a true encapsulation. To achieve this: Run your print through two times, the first with Kraft Paper or a sled.

Recommended Products

True encapsulation:
For the Face - Any hot or lo-melt film
For the Back - Any hot or lo-melt film
Double-sided Lamination:
For the Face - Any hot, lo-melt or pressure sensitive film
For the Back - Any hot, lo-melt or pressure sensitive film


  • By increasing the thickness of the laminates you will add rigidity to your finished graphic.
  • Make sure the thickness on the front and back is the same or one side will "pull" and cause a rolling effect.

Floor Graphics

Much like rigid displays but the substrate is the floor itself.

How to Make It

  1. Make a decal by laminating the front of your graphic with a durable slip-resistant laminate.
  2. Apply a double-sided adhesive that is permanent on one side and removable on the other side to the back of the print.
  3. Mount the print on a clean, smooth floor with a hand roller and burnishing tool.

Recommended Products

For the Face - Arctic Grain, Floor Guard
For the Back - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Removable

Rigid Backlit Displays

Mounting a printed backlight to a clear acrylic sheet with a permanent adhesive. This finished sheet is then placed in a display box with backlighting from fluorescent lamps.

How to Make It

  1. After printing your backlit on a product apply an optically clear adhesive between the acrylic sheet and the face of the print.

Recommended Products

For the Face - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Front Mount / Thermal: Thermal Mount Optically Clear

Window Graphics & Cooler Door Decals

Display a printed graphic in a store window, or Point of Purchase display area such as a cooler door or glass display cabinet with the graphic facing outside or inside.

How to Make It

  1. Apply an optically clear, lo-tack adhesive film to the face of the print and a durable laminating film to the back of the print.
  2. Pull the release liner off the adhesive and apply the graphic to a window with a hand roller.

If you want to apply the graphic to the outside of the surface reverse the order of the laminates.

  1. Place the lo-tack adhesive on the back of the print and the laminate on the front.

Recommended Products

For the Face - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Lo-Tack
For the Back - Choose a heat activated or lo-melt film

Trade Show Graphics or Pop-Up Displays

A graphic that is mounted on a trade show stand or booth.

How to Make It

We recommend using a two-step combination vs encapsulating a print with a polycarbonate and an opaque backer. Our clients find our solution to be extremely durable with minimal labor.

Recommended Products

Bullet Proof Solution (dye ink only): Print on our "Pop-Up Display" part number 3878.
Overlaminate with Seal Floor Guard


Look for a combination that offers durability to battle the constant wear and tear of continually rolling, unrolling and mounting of these graphics. Because the graphics are so large protect the front with a scratch resistant durable product that is easily maintained. A good rule of thumb is to always store laminated graphics in a roll with the image side out and in a radius no smaller than a 9" radius.

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