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ATC UV-60 & UV-80 Liquid Coaters


ATC UV-60 & UV-80 liquid coaters are high performance UV laminators. They apply a protective coating onto any rigid or flexible substrate up to 3″ thick. These high strength coatings adhere to almost any ink type, including UV curable, solvent and water-based. ATC UV-60 and UV-80 liquid coaters offer a completely dry-to-dry workflow, meaning you put a dry print through the coater and get a dry print back. The coating is completely cured when it exits the machine.

ATC UV-60 and UV-80 coating machines are designed specifically for the flatbed printer market. Avail in both 60″ and 80″ coating width, the units provide high speed, dry to dry protective lamination for digital ink-jet images printed with various types of inks including UV, Solvent, and Water-based.


  • The units coat both flexible and rigid substrates up to 3″ thickness.
  • They feature super sized rollers to assure precise, full width, edge to edge coating with a speed range from 30 to 110 feet per minute.
  • Coating thickness is adjustable from 0.3 to 0.8 mm.
  • The built in triple liquid delivery system handles two liquids and a cleaning fluid.
  • All three liquids are filtered.
  • The liquid metering roller and bottom roller scraper are pneumatically controlled.
  • The machines also feature an ingenious, 9 nozzle air separator system to allow light weight materials to be coated without sticking problems.
  UV60 UV80
Coating Width 60″ 80″
Full Roller Width 66″ 90″
Max Material Thickness 3″ 3″
Coating Thickness .3mm – .8mm .3mm – .8mm
Coating Speed 30′ – 110′ /minute 30′ – 110′ /minute
Reservoirs 2 lacquer, 1 cleaner 2 lacquer, 1 cleaner
Reservoir Size 5 gallon 5 gallon
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)
36″ x 105″ x 62″
98″ x 90″ x 48″
39″ x 128″ x 62″
98″ x 1140″ x 48″
Electrical Requirements
230 VAC, Single phase 20 Amps
230 VAC, Single phase 125 Amps
230 VAC, Single phase 20 Amps
380 VAC Three phase 70 Amps 50 Hz;
460 VAC Three phase 60 Amps 60 Hz;
208 VAC Three phase 125 Amps 60 Hz
Compressed Air 100 psi at 1 cfm 100 psi at 1 cfm