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Durst Rhotex 500

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The first 5-meter (16’) dye sublimation printer from Durst, offers huge, vibrant, seamless, dye-sublimation textile production that will wow your customers and crush the competition. 5-meter textile printing differentiates you from any other printshop when you can offer seamless prints that are 16’ by any length.

With an unparalleled printing width of 5 meters, the Rhotex 500 allows seamless, extra-wide soft signage and true large-format products for POS, exhibits, event venues and public spaces.

Soft signage is already the advertising medium of choice, since it is easy to fold, transport, attach, wash, and even recycle.

The Rhotex 500 uses eco-friendly, water-based and odorless dispersion inks for uncoated and coated polyester fabrics in photo-realistic print quality, brilliant colors and high fidelities.

5-meter (16′) direct dye sublimation textile printer

Prints on a wide range of coated and uncoated polyester fabrics and blends (min. 50 % polyester).

Uses totally VOC-free and environmental friendly, water-based disperse dye inks for indoor and outdoor applications.

12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

  • Clean no-VOC water-based dye sublimation inks that are available in CMYK + Lc, Lm and Orange+Violet
  • Built for 3 shift industrial production use
  • Patented media transport technology. Transport unit controlled back-force independent of media weight and size. Combined with software, pneumatic adjustable dancer rollers.
  • Motorized head media distance adjustment, controlled via user software with storage capability for each media channel
  • The operational software was further advanced with the aid of customers around the world to enable the automated and media-specific calibration of all print parameters and their storage for identical reproduction in the future

Lc, Lm, Lk, + additional process colors and Orange and Violet

INK TYPE Water-Based Dye Sublimation
COLORS CMYK + optional Lc, Lm, Lk and Orange+Violet
INK CAPACITY Integrated ink tanks with 4.7 gallon capacity per channel, refillable during printing
WIDTH 16’ (5m)
HEADS 16 (2 heads each color)
RESOLUTION 600dpi Grayscale







IN (W x D x H)

CM (W x D x H)


340 x 125 x 104

865 x 320 x 265

WEIGHT 16,500 lbs (7,500 kg)
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 3 Phase + N + PE 230/400V (± 5% / 35kVA 50/60 Hz)
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 68°F – 77°F (20°C – 25°C)
RELATIVE HUMIDITY 45-60% (non condensing)