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Durst Rhotex 325

Textile Printers

The Durst Rhotex 325 is an excellent dye sublimation printing system that combines direct-to-textile or transfer dye sublimation printing all in one printer.

24/7 production with this Durst Rhotex built for heavy duty industrial work.

Depending on the application the printer can easily alternate between direct or transfer thanks to the new Durst WTS printhead technology. This technology allows for high quality printing using water based dye sublimation dispersion inks for various print materials while providing print speeds up to 350 square meter hour (3,768 square feet per hour).

You can accommodate your customers needs, whatever they are, with this versatile industrial dye sublimation printer from Durst.

Its super fast fast and flexible. The elite athlete of dye sublimation printers.

  • Direct to textile printing, or dye-sublimation paper transfer printing in one machine.

    3.2 meters (126″) width.

    Up to 3,768 square feet per hour.

    Perfect for soft signage, wall decor or clothing.

    Totally VOC-free and environmental friendly, water- based disperse dye inks.

    12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

    • Print direct to fabric or to transfer paper for a flexible workflow that meets your application needs.
    • Rhotex 325 dye sublimation printer is offers a very low cost of ownership due to its very low ink consumption.
    • Automated nozzle cleaning system and additional industrial features for true 24/7 production
    • Integrated hot air dryer increases speed on fabric or transfer paper
  • Optional Light cyan and Light Magenta, PCA, Orange and Violet

  • INK TYPE Water-Based Dye Sublimation
    COLORS CMYK, Lc, Lm, O, V, PCA
    INK CAPACITY 10 liters
    WIDTH 3.2 meter
    PRINTHEAD TECHNOLOGY Durst WTS printhead technology
    HEADS Ricoh Gen 5
    RESOLUTION 400 x 600dpi or 800 x 600dpi

    SQ FT

    SQ M





    IN (W x D x H)

    CM (W x D x H)


    268 x 138 x 90.6

    681 x 351 x 230

    WEIGHT 12,000 lbs
    ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 3 Phase +PE N 230/400V ( 10%) / 26kVA 50/60Hz
    RELATIVE HUMIDITY 45 – 60% (non condensing)