Sublimate :: Monti Antonio Piece to Piece Heat Presses

Monti Antonio Piece to Piece Heat Presses


Monti Antonio piece to piece heat presses can process a range of dye sub products including metal prints, double sided garments like leggings and sportswear, high-pile polyester for blankets and rugs, and more.

Piece to piece heat presses use flat plates as opposed to the drums seen in dye sub calenders. Most of the piece to piece models have two beds that can be operated in tandem. While one print is being sublimated on the first bed, the operator loads the next print onto the second bed. As the first one comes out, the second one goes in. The operator offloads the first bed and gets it ready for a third print, and so on.

Some models may also be outfitted with a vacuum to process high-pile material for custom printed rugs or blankets. Instead of ink fixing to the topmost fibers, the suction allows the pigment to penetrate all the way through the material.

Unlike their Roll to Roll and Piece to Roll counterparts, Monti Antonio Piece to Piece Heat Presses only sublimate flat, sheetfed materials. Dye sub metal prints are produced this way, as are double-sided garments like leggings, jerseys, and other fashion prints where a design follows the form of the garment.

Like all Monti Antonio fixation units, Piece to Piece Heat Presses have the digital controls needed to program settings, adjust temperature and dwell times, as well as power on and off automatically.


  • A proprietary heating element within the presses allows close and constant temperature control, guaranteeing excellent print quality regarding uniformity and ink penetration.
  • Special motors for automatic, constant tension for printing and protection paper at the exit of the machine.
  • Built-in alert system in case of power loss or compressed air loss.
  • PLC program for setting machine start-up and shut-down times as well as settings for materials.
  • The NOMEX felt belt guarantees optimum printing results and a long working life.
  • Multifunctional electronic meter-counter, with alarm to predetermine the length of production runs.


Plate Dimensions:

  • 1500mm X 1000mm
  • 1800mm X 1300mm


Plate Dimensions:

  • 1500mm X 1000mm
  • 1800mm X 1300mm


Plate Dimensions:

  • 1800mm X 1300mm
  • 2000mm X 1500mm
  • 2250mm X 1600mm
  • 2600mm X 1600mm
  • 3100mm X 1600mm
  • 3600mm X 1600mm
  • 4050mm X 1600mm
  • 5200mm X 2200mm