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Summa L Series

Summa Laser Cutters

The Summa L Series is a line of large format fabric laser cutters created specifically to cut digitally printed textiles and other fabrics. Designed to maximize productivity, they can be equipped with overhead cameras that register the graphics as the fabric comes off the roll. The laser then begins cutting on the fly as the material advances over the cutting table. It doesn’t have to stop cutting between feeds. There has never been a faster way to cut your large format textile prints.

The L Series is a large format, roll to roll fabric laser cutter available in two sizes:

  • Summa L1810: 74″
  • Summa L3214: 130″

Typical jobs are processed at 4300 sq ft/hr

Overhead Registration: Equipped with the Vision system, material is scanned as it unwinds and is fed onto the table – no pausing as the material scans registration marks

On-the-fly Cutting: The laser cuts as the material moves across the table – no pausing as the material advances

Compensation for Shrink and Stretch: The cutter automatically recognizes deformations in the material and edits the cut line automatically, ensuring the correct dimensions every time



Vision System comes standard on the L3214, optional on the L1810.

High-production environments with finishing automation workflows can rely on Summa’s Vision system. State-of-the-art camera recognition quickly scans the material and automatically creates a cut vector. Then, it starts feeding and cutting the material simultaneously. This on-the-fly-cutting method all but eliminates machine idle time.

The system is also popular for the cutting of all sorts of raw materials, used in the composite industry, such as carbon fiber, composites, thermoset and thermoplastics, ensuring the highest level in finishing quality at all times.

  • Extraction speed control
  • 3 Vacuum zones
  • Single phase input
  • Fully anodized extruded chasis
  • Full complement single row cageless bearings
  L1810 L3214
Laser Power 50 or 100 Watt (Aircooled);
120 or 250 Watt (Watercooled)
250 Watt (Watercooled)
Max Laser Speed 59 in /sec (1500 mm /sec) 59 in /sec (1500 mm /sec)
Max Laser Acceleration 1 G 1 G
Camera Recognition OPOS Marks;
Optional: Vision System
OPOS Marks;
Vision System
Dimensions Without De-reeler: 106″ x 85″ x 70″
(2690 mm x 2160 mm x 1770 mm)
Without Vision System: 172″ x 121″ in x 52″
(4382 mm x 3071 mm x 1328 mm)