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Tec Lighting MegaCoat


Introducing Tec Lighting’s MegaCoat, your go-to UV coater for large format printing. Noteworthy for its high-speed performance, the Tec Lighting MegaCoat liquid laminator is a cost-effective alternative to dry-film laminates that doesn’t compromise on quality. Apply a protective UV coating onto any rigid or flexible substrate up to an inch thick. These high strength coatings adhere to almost any ink type, including UV curable, latex, solvent and water-based. Tec Lighting technology ensures systematic accuracy, promising unparalleled aesthetic perfection for your printing projects.


Ideal for applying protective coatings on both rigid and flexible media, this liquid laminator offers a range of finishes, from high-gloss to matte, including customizable formulas. Tec Lighting’s extensive coating options even include dry erase and durable anti-graffiti formulas for easy cleaning without damaging the finish.

The MegaCoaL accommodates most large format printing needs, coating materials up to 126 inches wide with the MegaCoat MC126. With a speedy process up to 100 fpm, digital speed controls, and advanced curing unit design, it guarantees precision and quality without breaking the bank. The scraper blade system prevents unintentional coating transfer, and the adjustable nip allows coating substrates up to one inche thick.


  • MC50 – 50″ coating width
  • MC63 – 63″ coating width
  • MC82 – 82″ coating width
  • MC126 – 126″ coating width


  • Process speed up to 100 fpm
  • UV process-ready indicator
  • Digital speed controls for repeatability
  • Advanced curing unit design
  • Scraper blade system
  • Adjustable nip up to 1 inch
  • UV light shield
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Custom feeders and receiving tables available
  • Modular roll-to-roll stations
  • 1-year parts warranty, 6-month labor warranty