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The Evo33 DS is the only industrial textile printer that can boast speed, quality, low price and eco-friendly benefits; making it one of the best selling industrial dye sublimation printers on the market today.

The Evo33 stands apart with its reliability and unique ability to print direct-to-fabric or to transfer paper with water-based dye sublimation inks.

  • 126″ (3.2 meter) print width.

    Industrial built digital textile dye sublimation printer.

    Water-based inks.

    Versatile; The only printer in its class that can be used for direct or transfer printing.

    Green built by repurposing one of the strongest printer chassis ever sold. By stripping out the dated parts of a pre-owned industrial printer and repurposing the chassis, we save you thousands of dollars. The chassis is then equipped with cutting-edge technology.

    14-week lead time from receipt of deposit.


    • The Evo33 boasts unprecedented value with versatility, speed, quality and an excellent price in one printer.
    • With one printer you are able to utilize two processes; transfer or direct. This allows you to refine your textile dye sublimation printing workflow to offer the best process for each application and to leverage the versatility to benefit your bottom line.
    • Our algorithms and ink formulations are built so that our customers benefit from a very low daily cost of operation saving up to 50% ink usage compared to competitors. The ink used by the Evo33 is formulated with a pigment load that is significantly higher than competitive ink products. This upfront pigment load allows us to build rich profiles that actually require a smaller final ink load onto the material.
    • The Evo33 is environmentally responsible. We designed the Evo33 by recycling an existing frame that was already in the market. By doing this we conserve by not demanding new manufacturing of a 2-ton piece of equipment, which reduces enormous mining, transportation and other costs and energy outputs. Parts are reclaimed from the pre-owned printer and refurbished and sold back into the market. The inks are also more cost-effective and set without the aid of excessive heat or mercury-filled UV lamps, minimizing energy expenditure and ozone generation.
    • The vibrant water-based inks pass all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certifications. They are produced in an ISO 9001 facility with strict quality control and provide the lowest cost per print in the industry for an industrial dye sublimation
    • Engineering includes an “ink ditch” for textile fabrics requiring second side penetration like flags
  • Heavy Duty Unwinder

  • INK TYPE Water Based Dye Sublimation
    COLORS 4 Colors: CMYK
    INK CAPACITY 5 Liters
    WIDTH 126” (3.2 m)
    PRINTHEAD TECHNOLOGY Dimatix Q-Class Greyscale VersaDrop; 10, 20, 30 pL
    HEADS 4 heads per channel / 256 nozzles per head / 1024 nozzles per channel
    RESOLUTION 1200 dpi Addressable

    SQ FT

    SQ M





    IN (W x D x H)

    CM (W x D x H)



    200.5 x 50 x 62

    509.3 x 127 x 157.5

    PRINTER WEIGHT 3850 lbs (1746 kg)
    SHIPPING WEIGHT – COMPLETE 5575 lbs (2528 kg)
    WINDER ATTACHMENT 190 lbs (86 kg)




    3-Phase 220V, 50 A 50/60 Hz

    3-Phase 400V, 30 A 50/60 Hz

    COMPRESSED AIR 80 – 150 psi (5.6 – 10.5 kgf/cm2)
    AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 68° F – 85° F (20° C – 30° C)
    RELATIVE HUMIDITY 30% – 80% (non-condensing)