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Workflow Automation

Less than 50% of prepress time is actually spent doing prepress. Instead, email has become the most common and time-consuming task. Aleyant tFlow provides efficiency and automation for your prepress workflow.

The processes that most companies use for file submission today cause frustration with outdated processes, overtime in production, tighter margins, missed deadlines, lost work orders, internal confusion and unhappy clients. With Aleyant tFlow, the time savings per 100 files averages 82% and the cost savings averages 65%.

Aleyant tFLOW® is powerful large format workflow automation software that simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput.

tFlow REMOVES these manual touch points: 

  • Manual Proof Creation
  • Approval Notifications
  • Email Chains
  • Production File Submissions
  • Pre-Flighting

With tFlow you can expect:

  • The ability to pre-flight incoming files 24/7
  • Automation of proof creation
  • Real time collaboration
  • No expensive upgrades
  • Happy clients, Happy employees


  • MIS – pushes order information into Aleyant tFLOW, bypassing double-data entry. As orders and line items are created, information such as customer, product, finishing options, number of copies, etc. is passed along
  • Autoproof – tFLOW® automatically creates proofs based on your templates. Create your own layout with the information you would like to appear on the proof, and tFLOW® will autofill the fields as well as automatically place artwork on landscape and portrait layouts. You can also add elements such as marks, trim, live area indicators, and finishing parameters Proofs are automatically sent out for approval, and can also be downloaded as PDFs.
  • Preflight – tFLOW® puts the “pre” back into preflight. Speed up your turnaround times as files are automatically checked when they come into your shop, not after they have been sitting in folders for a day. You, your customer, and sales team will know if files are printable within a couple of minutes of receiving them. Files are not just checked, but also fixed, with options such as adding bleed, marks, flattening transparencies, converting fonts to outlines, and checking spot color integrity, to name a few.
  • Dashboard provides real-time information and updates. tFLOW® provides status updates on all of your jobs up to every 15 seconds. Keep track of jobs which are still waiting for approvals, missing artwork, on hold due to preflight errors, and ready to be sent to production.
  • Autoflow – Automate repetitive prepress tasks like adding grommet marks, cut paths, bleeds, folds etc.
  • Collaboration – tFLOW® allows you to collaborate realtime, making comments and annotations on the proof quick and simple.

Subscription and Self-hosted models are available, so you can customize the ideal plan for your business.