S2K Graphics Reduces Paper & Labor, Drives Profitability with tFLOW

S2K Graphics cuts through complexity and drives profitability.


S2K Graphics is an established firm with more than
25 years specializing in POP graphics, digital large-format
printing, and screen printing. Based in Tennessee and
California, S2K Graphics is part of the Franke Group and has a
nationwide sales network.

Frustrated that their ERP workflow system required too much
paperwork to manage digital files, VP and General Manager
Phil Garcia, sought a new solution. When he heard about
Aleyant tFLOW from Mike Ruff in November of 2012, he
immediately recognized the potential of tFLOW automation.



Aleyant conducted an in-depth analysis of S2K Graphics’
needs, and then developed a custom workflow solution. The
tool allowed S2K to manage all of their workflow online and
greatly reduced the amount of time needed to get approval.
Says Mr. Garcia, “tFlow Approval was customized to our
needs, which is the main reason we chose it. We upload 200
files per day. With no email chains from Graphics to CS, the
client, Sales, and the Art Department, tFlow Approval cuts
through layers of complexity and dramatically improves
throughput and accuracy.” The software also lets S2K
provide better service to their remote sales people, which in
turn benefits their bottom line.



tFlow’s affordable, easy to use solution has been
transformational for S2K Graphics. Implementation led to an
impressive 80% reduction in paperwork, reduced labor
20-30%, and freed up 1.5 FTEs from prepress duties to work
on other functions. The company’s need for traditional
prepress work has been almost completely eradicated,
allowing them to reallocate resources, reduce labor costs,
and significantly shorten approval times. Mr. Garcia explains,
“Clients love the fact that they’re getting stuff quicker. They
can see t real time, and we’re not having to interpret their
requests. Best of all, online workflow management gives
them the highest accuracy. After two years, it’s hard for me
to imagine being successful without this system. For anyone
who is managing a significant amount of digital fields, this is
a must have.”

Download the case study here.