ATPColor OneTex 5200 Sets the Bar for Energy Efficiency

The ATPColor OneTex 5200 is the only printer of its kind in the world and has successfully set the bar for energy efficiency among textile printers. Even as a super-wide 5-meter all-in-one printer, it is now the first and only textile printer of any kind to be tested under the requirements specified by ISO Standard 20690:2018 for Energy Efficiency.


“The energy consumption of printing presses and finishing systems is underestimated by most printers worldwide, even though the energy bill is one of the most critical items in any printing company’s balance sheet.”

– Roberto Martellono, ATPColor



The OneTex 5200 (the largest of ATPColor’s OneTex Family) is the world’s only 5-meter textile printer equipped with an integrated calender. It can print direct to fabric or you can switch to transfer paper and bypass the calender for offline fixation. The flagship 4-color printer comes configured with 4 Kyocera printheads but can be upgraded with 8 heads. It is also available in 3.3 meter, 2.6 meter and 1.9 meter widths. At its size, the 5200 is considered the most demanding printer in the ATPColor lineup in terms of energy consumption.

For the past several years, the printing industry has largely assumed that a printer of this size, with a built-in calender, would consume a significant amount of electricity. The 5200 is ATPColor’s most productive and energy-intensive model, but they are totally confident that they have exceeded industry efforts to optimize the energy efficiency of all their printers. This is why they submitted the 5200 to Fogra for an energy audit.


The results of the study are astonishing for a 5-meter printer and even more surprising for a 5-meter printer with inline fixation! While printing and sublimating in Production Mode, the machine produces 10.6 square meters of output per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed. For reference, the Roland XF-640 is a 64″ eco-solvent printer and is the leader in its category. It produces a mere 6.8 square meters per kilowatt hour and does not have an onboard calender.

*More info on the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies standard can be found here:



Let’s do some math. A traditional 5-meter setup that you would find from other brands that includes a printer and an offline calender consumes 110 kWh during normal operation – 30 kWh for the printer and 80 kWh for the calender. Those two machines running eight hours a day for 20 days per month consume 17,600 kWh. How much would that cost in your neck of the woods? In New Jersey, at $.155 per kWh, that would cost you $2728 per month or over $32,000 per year.

In contrast, the OneTex 5200 consumes a maximum of 25 kWh in Production Mode for a total of 4000 kWh per month. At $.155 per kWh, you’re looking at an electric bill of around $620 per month and $7440 per year. That accounts for a savings of more than $24,500 per year!

Let’s also consider your company’s carbon footprint. Not only are you reducing your electrical usage with the OneTex platform, you’re also eliminating the need for the transfer paper and tissue paper necessary for transfer sublimation. Direct to fabric printing with inline sublimation drastically reduces the cost and waste of those consumables. That is a combination that is good for your wallet and great for the environment.


We’re seeing more and more companies adopting this 5-meter technology as they recognize the efficiencies and competitive advantages of 5-meter printing. Textile displays have become the gold standard for retail environments, live events, conventions and more. For this reason, we think now is the perfect time to bring 5-meter fabric production in-house.

With a Global Insight ROI Report, we can break down the numbers with you and help you determine if a OneTex 5200 is a good fit for your business.

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