The dining experience can be enhanced with elegant COVID-19 dividers and protective barriers that offer cohesion in décor and ambience while simultaneously accomplishing privacy and protection – giving patrons peace of mind and making social distancing unobtrusive.


Retail businesses can offer sneeze guards, partition systems, freestanding communications, floor graphics and other signage that serve to protect, inform and strengthen brand recognition.


A private and protective check-in experience can still feel welcoming. Hotels can integrate elegant, branded barriers that satisfy the need for protection between guests and hotel staff, while creating a warm and inviting interaction. 


Prior to COVID-19, an ethos behind banking brands was to create a sense of security for their customers. As people return to face-to-face banking, the protective barriers, floor graphics and signage that financial institutions utilize in their branches will be an important component of furthering that sense of safety and security for their tellers and customers.


Businesses are gradually reopening office environments, but those workplaces need to look different upon return. It’s management’s responsibility to think about the safety and health of their returning staff and you can help with creative solutions such as tabletop partitions for multi-person workstations and conference rooms, dividers to separate adjacent desks and common area social distancing signage in all common areas.

For professionals continuing to work remotely, REXframe can be used to build freestanding video conference backdrops for employees’ homes, increasing brand awareness and professionalism as we create new norms around how we conduct business.


Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, the REXframe system can be used to reopen our economy with health and protection in mind.
There are endless possibilities for the new requirements that allow businesses to reopen.

Contact us to learn how you can support them in this effort.