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Durst Rhotex 322

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Durst’s flagship dye sublimation inkjet printer, the Rhotex 322, was designed for heavy industrial use, with a print speed of up to 1,506 sq ft /hr.

Durst uses the most high-end, industrial components in all of its printers, to guarantee consistent and durable quality, high performance capabilities and reliability.

  • 126″ (3.2 meter) water-based direct to fabric dye sublimation printer.

    Uses 16 Durst QuadroZ variable drop 7picoliter printheads.

    8 colors.

    12-week lead time following receipt of deposit.




    • The Durst QuadroZ Printhead technology arranges the colors on the 8-channel heads symmetrically to ensure precise color application for bi-directional printing and to prevent streaking. This creates color conformity across the entire printing width without reducing production speed..
    • Automatic printhead cleaning system provides constant operational readiness. The printheads are also hermetically sealed when not printing so there is a low rate of clogging and less need for purges
    • Ink ditch for fabrics requiring second side penetration like flags
    • Automatic fabric loading system with precision down to the micrometer and a roll system with torque controlled winding and unwinding motors that ensures perfect handling of various textiles.
    • Roll-to-roll stretch fabric printing capability and a patented feed and take-up system that tracks and tensions perfectly from front to back. Can also be manually adjusted for challenging fabric rolls,
    • Stainless steel nozzle plate
    • Fully enclosed drying unit with control of air flow and air temperature in drying chamber to optimize drying requirements for each fabric
    • Unattended printing for lights-out 2nd or 3rd shift production
    • Holds value, which provides lower rates if financing
    • Inks: Water-based, Oeko-Tex® Stadard 100 certificate, Green Label certificate, VOC-free
    • Roll up unit for roll diameters up to 500mm
    • Light cyan, Light magenta, Gray, Process Colors
    • Horizontal Dryer System

    INK TYPEWater-Based Dye Sublimation
    COLORSCMYK + optional Lc, Lm, Gray, PCA
    INK CAPACITY Integrated ink tank is 10-liter capacity per ink, refillable during the printing process. Refill inks are 5-liter containers
    WIDTH10′ (3.2m)
    HEADS16 (2 heads each color)
    RESOLUTION1200dpi Grayscale

    SQ FT

    SQ M





    IN (W x D x H)

    CM (W x D x H)


    267 x 65 x 78

    680 x 167 x 198

    WEIGHT9920 lbs (4500 kg)
    ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS3 Phase +N +PE 230/400V (+/- 5%)/25 KVA 50/60 Hz
    AMBIENT TEMPERATURE68ºF – 77ºF  (20ºC – 25ºC)
    RELATIVE HUMIDITY45% – 60% (non-condensing)