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With its industrial build and complete print-to-sublimate capabilities, the Eos DS Series of digital textile dye sublimation printers is ideally suited for high capacity soft signage printing.

It offers print shops a fast, high-quality textile printer with an in-line sublimation unit so that your prints are color-fast and ready to ship when they roll off the printer.


  • Industrial built digital textile dye sublimation printer.

    On-board true calender with pressure, timing and heat.

    Two versions – 100″ (2.5 meter) and 126” (3.2 meter) print widths.

    Water-based inks.

    Ricoh Gen-4 variable drop printheads.

    Upgradable to Ricoh Gen5 variable drop printheads.

    14-week lead time from receipt of deposit.


    • The Eos is available in 100” or 126” sizes to accommodate the needs and footprint availability for most printshops.
    • True sublimation calender built into the printer so that directly from the printer, the finished print could be immersed in water with no ink bleed or color loss.
    • The Eos can heat the front or the back of print media with its true in-line calender that utilizes even, consistent heat and pressure rather than a “toaster” style sublimation

    Media Options

    • Unlike many competitive products, the Eos can print on standard digital textile fabrics as well as specialty materials, such as open weave and stretch.
    • Eos printers use a uniquely designed trough system fitted with a sponge and ink pad that absorb any ink that passes through the fabric when printing on mesh and other open weave materials without marking the backside with “blow-by” ink.
    • For stretchable fabrics like PowerStretch and sports textiles, the Eos uses a cork-covered cylinder to spread and hold the fabric in place, maintaining perfect, precise print quality.

    Media Feed

    • The engineering of the media handling system includes four drive motors, two precision stepping motors and synchronized dancing rollers that automatically fine tune the tension during the media feeding process to ensure exact movement. This is far superior to low-end pinch rollers used in other systems.
    • The cork roller can be adjusted to apply additional tension to digital fabrics, creating uniformity on stretch and standard materials for precise print and sublimation.
    • 100” or 126” Width
    • Roll-to-Sheet Attachment – consists of two pinch rollers that apply constant tension on the material, allowing the operator to remove finished prints as they come off of the machine instead of being spooled onto a takeup reel.
    • In-line cutting – The optional inline cutting system uses six adjustable cold-knife blades to cut the fabric after sublimation. This allows the operator to print several jobs at once and separate them into batches as they come off the printer, decreasing finishing time and increasing productivity.
  • EOS100 DSEOS126 DS
    Water-Based High Energy Disperse
    2.5 Liter Bulk Ink Feed
    4 Colors: CMYK
    Water-Based High Energy Disperse
    2.5 Liter Bulk Ink Feed
    4 Colors: CMYK
    WIDTH100” (2.5 m)126” (3.2 m)
    PRINTHEAD TECHNOLOGYRicoh Gen-4 Variable Drop GreyscaleRicoh Gen-4 Variable Drop Greyscale
    Upgrade: Ricoh Gen-5 Heads
    HEADS8 (2 heads per color)* or 12 (3 heads per color)**Gen-4: 8 (2 heads per color)* or 12 (3 heads per color)**
    Gen-5: 4 (1 head per color) or 6 (1 head per color plus 2 spot colors)
    RESOLUTION1200 dpi1200 dpi


    SQ FT


    SQ M



    720* to 1100**


    67* to 102**



    760* to 1170**


    71* to 109**




    SQ FT

    SQ M





    DIMENSIONS – IN180 W x 47 D x 63 H208 x 47 x 63
    DIMENSIONS – CM460 W x 120 D x 160 H530 x 120 x 160
    WEIGHT2866 lbs (1300 kg)3306 lbs (1500 kg)
    PrinterAir Purifier
    380~415V three-phase star connection
    with neutral wire (3x 30A) 50HzVAC, 50/60Hz
    220V±10% 25A
    380~415V three-phase star connection
    with neutral wire (3x 30A) 50HzVAC, 50/60Hz
    220V±10% 25A
    AMBIENT TEMPERATURE68°F – 77°F (20°C – 25°C)68°F – 77°F (20°C – 25°C)
    RELATIVE HUMIDITY40% – 80% (non-condensing)40% – 80% (non-condensing)

    * 8-head configuration      ** 12-head configuration