3D Billboards

Often when we discuss 3D printing in the sign and graphics industry, we tend to think about smaller scale designs like channel letters and three dimensional models. The reality is that 3D printers can make grand format displays like billboards come alive as well. You may not be offering 3D billboard production to your clients right now, but there are plenty of reasons why you should. Large scale billboards are more popular than ever, and with an investment in a 3D printer, you will create new business opportunities in a growing sector almost overnight. Let’s take a closer look at why billboards are still a popular advertising option today and how 3D printers can maximize their impact.

Are Billboards Still Relevant?

With the advent of digital advertising, it may seem like roadside billboards are a dying advertising medium. However this is just not the case. Surprisingly, OOH advertisements have a higher return on investment than any other advertising channel. That’s right, OOH beats giant channels like TV and web advertising. In fact, the average ROI is $5.97 in sales revenue for every dollar spent on an OOH campaign. This is much higher than the average return on TV or web campaigns.

The reasons for this high ROI center around the fact that outdoor billboards are viewed by every demographic. In a time where advertising has become fragmented into numerous channels, OOH displays allow clients to reach the full gamut of consumers. This said, few clients are maximizing the opportunities presented in this strong ad channel. But your printing business can help them reach this untapped potential with 3D billboards.


Why 3D Billboards?

We’ve all seen OOH advertising, and it’s no secret that a lot of billboards are just plain boring. There is little room for more than a few words, not to mention a very short reading time for the consumer. In addition, viewers often fail to recall logos or large phone numbers just moments after they see them. As a result, many printing businesses create billboards for a high impact ad channel that fail to convert like they should. The secret to maximizing this channel really isn’t a secret at all: stand out from the crowd. Yet the challenge of standing out isn’t as easy as you’d think. To create an engaging OOH installation, you need to do something truly unique.

This is where 3D billboards can really make a difference. Generally people aren’t used to seeing an eye-catching 3D billboard, and when they do, chances are they are going to remember it. This is huge for any brand trying to get their message out. A 3D billboard can stick in a viewer’s mind long after they’ve first glimpsed it and beat out traditional OOH almost every time.

Over the years, many sign and graphics businesses have moved away from printing billboards because of shrinking profit margins. Billboards were often printed for multiple dollars per square foot in the past, but today online competitors offer prices as low as 59 cents per square foot. For many print businesses, it became impossible to keep up. Adding 3D billboards to your product lineup can change all of this. A 3D embellished billboard is a custom fabrication, and businesses can charge much higher fees for the service because not every shop can produce them.


Massivit 3D Printers Help Make 3D Billboards Possible

As we’ve just learned, a large format 3D printer will help your client’s advertising message stand out. Massivit is the leader in large scale 3D printing technology, and the addition of a Massivit 1800 Printer will bring in new business opportunities overnight. The design possibilities for 3D billboards with Massivit solutions are nearly endless, and as we’ve established, you’ve got to do something unique to succeed in OOH. 3D billboards are an effective solution for all business types, from restaurants to plumbers and electricians and so much more.

As you can see in the video below, a Massivit 1800 3D printer can print two separate elements at the same time to create stunning 3D billboards. Better yet, the completion time for both these elements is less than 4 hours. In this example, both 3D molds are printed and then utilized for thermoformed elements to create an unforgettable 3D billboard. These thermoformed elements are strong yet lightweight, which is perfect for OOH use. Lighting elements can then be placed behind them to increase the visual impact of the billboard at night.



Add 3D Billboards To Your Design Solutions

Are you ready to create jaw-dropping 3D billboards for your clients? Is it time to diversify your design solutions to include 3D elements? Massivit large format 3D printers are the perfect solution for the job, and they’ll revolutionize your sign and graphics business overnight. Contact Global Imaging, Inc., Your Grand Format Solutions Company, to learn more about Massivit 3D Printers and 3D Billboards.