PrinterEvolution Launches Widest Dye-Sublimation Printer with Inline Calender in the US

LOUISVILLE, CO PrinterEvolution, known in the grand format marketplace as a manufacturer of textile printers with an unmatched price to performance ratio, today announced the US launch of its D5300 DS sublimation printer. The remarkable D5300 DS is the only 5.3-meter dye-sublimation printer with an inline calender in the United States.

The D5300 DS

Its streamlined media configuration and material handling allows print shops to run full 16-foot wide rolls OR multiple rolls of different widths at the same time with ease and speed. With its inline sublimation calender, the D5300 will greatly increase capacity and reduce production times for its users.

  • By converting sublimation into a one-step process, the D5300 DS drastically reduces loading and unloading labor efforts and supports today’s demand for faster turn times.
  • With its ability to run simultaneous jobs on rolls of different widths, the D5300 DS helps maximize shop efficiency.
  • The D5300 DS’s integrated ultrasonic automatic sewing system attaches new rolls with ease and significantly reduces waste created during full webbing.
  • Its patented heating drum is the first of its kind – and with its electronic setting abilities, users will see consistent, repeatable fixation, print after print.

According to PrinterEvolution CEO Greg Lamb, the D5300 DS is an affordable platform that will keep PSP’s above the competitive fray at higher margins. “Owners of the D5300 DS have the pleasure of introducing 16-foot seamless prints to their customers. They don’t have to pay for labor or real estate on enormous calenders and will be able to produce any work that comes their way. It will be a fun and profitable ride for those who decide to lead the way in 16-foot fabric printing.” Companies can take advantage of early adopter pricing until the first three printers have been sold. All customers can contact Global Imaging’s onsite Workflow Studio to learn how to maximize results and ROI for the device. To learn more about the D5300 DS or to book a visit, contact PrinterEvolution at (855) 593-4089.

About Printer Evolution 
PrinterEvolution is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado and distributed in the US exclusively by Global Imaging. As a manufacturer of grand format dye sublimation printers, PrinterEvolution’s objective is to create innovative products that offer a better price to performance ratio than their competitors, with small company service. The company was established by industry veterans to bridge gaps in the grand format marketplace, ranging from customer service, technical support, and price-to-performance ratios to product innovation. The PrinterEvolution vision is to provide their partners with the latest technology and industry-leading performance through cutting-edge, cost effective products.