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ATPColor OneTex Family

Textile Printers

The OneTex family of textile printers from ATPColor. These all-in-one fabric printers are designed to produce twice the work with half the effort. Less Energy. No Paper. More Eco Friendly.

With up to eight Kyocera 4 pL print heads, these fabric printers offer a remarkable combination of print quality and speed. Pair that with an integrated calender and you get next level production capacity in a compact, eco-friendly footprint. Available in four widths from 74 to 208 inches.

Easy, All-in-One Dye Sub Printing

With its built in calender and precise material handling, the OneTex system is as easy to operate as any other roll-to-roll printer. Even stretch fabrics come out with vibrant colors and zero banding.

Available in Four Sizes:

  • OneTex 1900 = 74 inches / 1.9 meters
  • OneTex 2600 = 102 inches / 2.6 meters
  • OneTex 3300 = 129 inches / 3.3 meters
  • OneTex 5200 = 208 inches / 5.2 meters

Integrated Calender

With an onboard calender, rolls don’t need to be moved from one machine to another. All of the sublimation settings are managed right on the printer’s interface, making the production process fully optimized, automated and simple.

Fabric and Paper Printing

Although this is a direct-to-fabric system, the OneTex can run on paper on an as-needed basis with a simple platen conversion.

Jumbo Roll System Included

Avoid frequent roll changes on this high speed printer with its jumbo roll system. It is designed for efficiency, allowing a single person to load and unload rolls up to 23 inches in diameter unassisted.

Kyocera Printheads

Kyocera print heads have become the gold standard for single pass industrial printing due to their speed, extremely small droplet size and reliability. OneTex Family textile printers all come with Kyocera heads with a 4 pL native drop size.

These heads provide remarkable image quality in fine detail areas and gradients while also printing dense solids at high speeds. Each head has a designated capping and wiping station to ensure the printheads are clean and do not clog between jobs.

Inline Sewing System

When a new roll of fabric is loaded onto the machine, several feet of material is wasted in order to “web” the fabric through the integrated calender and onto the winder. When it comes time to change rolls, the automatic sewing system attaches a new fabric roll to the old one, minimizing fabric waste.

Inline Cutting System

Equip your OneTex printer with inline blades to trim down your prints as they exit the printer. This cutting system is ideal for long runs of standard size banners, table throws, ribbon, or other long narrow applications at high volume.

Differential Fabric Tensioning System

Gain tighter control over the material handling system with differential tensioning, ideal for the most difficult fabrics.

Print Folding System

An optional system to fold and stack fabric as it comes off the printer instead of winding onto a core.

PRINT WIDTHS OneTex 1900: 74 inches
OneTex 2600: 102 inches
OneTex 3300: 129 inches
OneTex 5200: 208 inches
PRINT HEADS Kyocera 4 pL variable drop
HEAD CONFIGURATIONS 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 heads
NUMBER OF COLORS 4, 6, or 8 colors
PRINT SPEED 2475 sq ft /hr
(4-head, 4-color, two passes, no smoothing)
INK TECHNOLOGY Water-based sublimation
RESOLUTION Up to 2400 x 2400 dpi
RIP SOFTWARE Caldera, Ergosoft, Onyx, Colorgate, Inédit
INK CAPACITY 3-liter tanks
CALENDER Integrated; Patented design
DIMENSIONS (OneTex 3300) 216″ x 72″ x 72″
WEIGHT (OneTex 3300) 3750 lbs
Humidity: 45% – 80% non-condensing
ELECTRIC USAGE (OneTex 3300) 12 Kw