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ATPColor OnPaper Family

Textile Printers

The OnPaper Family of textile printers from ATPColor. These transfer dye sub printers can run jumbo rolls of lightweight transfer paper, meeting the demands of even the most challenging sectors of the textile printing industry.

These direct dye sub printers offer a remarkable combination of print quality and speed with up to eight Kyocera 4 pL print heads. Pair that with a jumbo roll system that comes standard and you get next level production capacity from one of the most reliable printing systems on the market. Available in three widths from 74 to 129 inches.

ATPColor OnPaper Family

Super-fast dye sublimation printers up to 3.3 meters. Print at top speed with fast, smudge-free ink drying thanks to a heating system that ensures perfectly dried inks even at maximum speed. Even with high resolution and saturated colors.

Speed, Precision, Industrial Build

Kyocera print heads have become the gold standard for single pass industrial printing due to their speed, extremely small droplet size and reliability.

Inks with Rich Colors, Certified, Economical

Super Rich Colors: These are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified water-based inks. They have the lowest cost per print in the industry for an industrial dye sublimation printer.

Available in Three Sizes:

  • OnPaper 1900 = 74 inches / 1.9 meters
  • OnPaper 2600 = 102 inches / 2.6 meters
  • OnPaper 3300 = 129 inches / 3.3 meters

Superb Media Handling

The printing surface has different levels of vacuum suction allowing it to adapt perfectly to the weight of the sublimation paper. Users have total freedom in choosing their sublimation paper and can print single pass at maximum speed on very light transfer paper.

Always Clean Printheads

When it comes to maintaining expensive printheads, keeping them clean is essential. That’s why each Kyocera head on an ATP printer has a dedicated capping and wiping station.

Precise Detail, Rich Solids and Smooth Gradients

Kyocera variable drop heads print fine, detailed text using only four colors. The image quality is remarkable and is especially seen on gradients and midtones. To limit the effect of overlap between passes, decide with total flexibility the type of screen and the size of the gradient.

Jumbo Roll System Included

Avoid frequent roll changes on this high speed printer with its jumbo roll system. It is designed for efficiency, allowing a single person to load and unload rolls up to 23 inches in diameter unassisted.

PRINT WIDTHS OnPaper 1900: 74 inches
OnPaper 2600: 102 inches
OnPaper 3300: 129 inches
PRINT HEADS Kyocera 4 pL variable drop
HEAD CONFIGURATIONS 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 heads
NUMBER OF COLORS 4, 6, or 8 colors
PRINT SPEED 4-head High Speed Mode: 2368 sq ft /hr
8-head High Speed Mode: 3444 sq ft /hr
INK TECHNOLOGY Water-based sublimation
RESOLUTION Up to 2400 x 2400 dpi
RIP SOFTWARE Caldera, Ergosoft, Onyx, Colorgate, Inédit
INK CAPACITY 3-liter tanks
MAXIMUM ROLL DIAMETER 24 inches (front), 29 inches (rear)
DIMENSIONS (OnPaper 3300) 216″ x 72″ x 72″
WEIGHT (OnPaper 3300) 3750 lbs
Humidity: 40% – 80% non-condensing
ELECTRIC USAGE (OneTex 3300) 3 Kw