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Every year since 2010 Wide Format and Signage Magazine has awarded Caldera the Reader’s Choice Winner for Wide Format Software: RIP, Web-to-Print and Workflow

Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, Caldera GrandRIP+ represents the cutting edge of wide-format production software, supporting all popular large-format printer manufacturers.

Caldera GrandRIP+ is the ultimate production workflow solution for large-scale wide- and grand format print and print-to-cut applications.

Incorporates the key features of all Caldera’s RIP packages, including:

  • Nest-O-Matik™
  • Step & Repeat
  • SuperSpooler
  • Tiling+
  • Includes flatbed cutting capabilities
  • Also includes SignMark to add eyelet, stitch or fold marks on your tiled output and make finishing a breeze.

Suitable for medium to high production for multiple-device grand format environments.

  • Contour Nesting is a new option of Caldera’s Visual and Grand ranges. It is dedicated to cut and allows you to take into account the object’s real shape inside the image so the element can be optimally placed to save media.
  • EasyMEDIA is a step-by-step wizard that allows you to specify the color gamut for any print configuration with a given media in no time at all. Thanks to the simple steps in EasyMEDIA to calibrate transition, linearization and ink use, printers can fine-tune their color processing for optimum stability and consistency across their output.
  • For large-format flatbed cutters without direct piloting, GrandCUT generates a machine-specific file for each individual job to ensure the most precise cut. Supporting Zünd Cut Center, Zünd Touch & Cut, Aristo, Multicam, Grafitroniks, OptiSCOUT and Duncan controllers, your print-to-cut workflow has never been simpler than with GrandCUT
  • The new PrintBoard plug-in for Caldera is the first display solution of its kind to interact directly with a RIP engine. The plug-in will allow users of Caldera’s RIP software to show an overview of their production activity on screen for all employees to see, with information including which files have recently been added to the spooler, and the number of square meters processed daily by the RIP.
  • For Graphtec, Summa, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland roll cutters, VisualCUT will automatically set up cut marks for the specific device it is driving and guide the machine along the document’s embedded contours.
  • CostPROOF estimates your printing costs by calculating the ink and media consumption per PRINT job With CostView, any production manager can view all jobs in the spooler, monitor ink and media costs, add optional or automatic costs to each job and export the job listing with all relevant costs as a spreadsheet ready for further analysis. Its web driven interface can be accessed by any user in your company network using a simple web browser. Its newest and most important feature is the addition of a carbon footprint analysis tool. Users can now indicate the CO2 emitted by each of the elements of the job: ink, media, electricity, additional costs.
  • InkPerformer promises users the power to monitor and optimize their ink consumption, giving commercial printers a significant environmental and economical advantage over their competitors.
  • Caldera’s Print Standard Verifier is a new tool to check the conformity of printing processes with industry standards. It provides a solution to the ever-increasing requests for standards compliance in the digital printing market.