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Fotoba XLD 170

Fotoba X-Y Cutters

The Fotoba XLD 170 is the most versatile of Fotoba’s XY cutters. It can process rolls or sheets of flexible media up to 67 inches wide and 1 mm thick. It automatically detects image edges and adjusts for misaligned images, giving you perfectly squared prints every time.

Fotoba’s Most Verstile Platform

The XLD 170 is the most versatile of all Fotoba XY cutters. Designed to work with both rolls and sheets, it is the perfect solution to trim all flexible media output up to 1.7 m or 67 in.
Regardless of any feed misalignment, the XLD 170 will automatically re-align itself to the edge of the printed image. If the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the roll squarely, the XLD 170 true edge tracking always produces perfectly squared graphics.

Suitable for Most Flexible Substrates

XLD 170 cutters can handle most flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 1 mm (.04″) including polycarbonate, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, film, duratrans, TDF, canvas, laminated or encapsulated prints and much more.

Inline or Offline Installation Options

The XLD 170 can function as a standalone XY cutter with onboard feed system, or it can be installed on any printer with free fall material offload. Comes with a connection that communicates with the printer to synchronize the media feed with the printer’s output. An inline XLD 170 can outpace even the fastest flatbed cutter, processing a 150-foot roll of banners in less than ten minutes!

Fotoba Features

  • Self squaring to the edge of the image (X)
  • Automatically tracks to the image edge (Y)
  • Max linear speed of 50 ft /min
  • Vertical Slitters: Single, 8mm double or adjustable double
  • Program cutting by length and quantity for media conversion
  • Memory channels to store different cut marks
  • All mechanisms controlled by stepper motors
  • Cut marks generated automatically with all major RIP solutions
  • Automatically scans cut marks
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5 mm (0.02 in.)


  Fotoba XLD 170
Max Media Width 67″ (170 cm)
Min Media Width 11″ (28 cm)
Max Roll Diameter Allowed 10″ (26 cm)
Max Material Thickness .04″ (1 mm)
Feeding Speed 50 ft /min
X-Axis Cutting Accuracy .04″ (1 m)
Y-Axis Cutting Accuracy .04″ (1 m)
Net Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 110″ x 36″ x 44″