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Monti Antonio Calenders


Monti Antonio calenders are the ideal machines for sublimating both transfer and direct-printed dye sublimation graphics from large format inkjet printers.

A Monti Antonio press offers computerized, programmable, motorized technology far exceeds competitors and offers excellent flexibility and efficiencies.

  • Precise roll-to-roll dye sublimation calender.

    Uses an oil-heated drum for even heat.

    Computerized interface provides automation for startup time, profiles and precise pressure and timing.

    Movements controlled with motors, which paired with computerized interface guarantees predictable results from job to job.

    Available in four drum sizes and two widths.

    12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

    • All movements are controlled with independent, synchronized motors, thus avoiding chains pulley systems used by competitors, that create unpredictable variables from job to job
    • A central resistor heating system patented by Monti Antonio. The oil filled drum guarantees perfect uniformity of temperature on the entire surface of the cylinder thanks to the continuous circulation of the oil, maintaining an extremely low electrical consumption
    • The vacuum-sealed drum cannot leak. This is far superior to competitors who use end-cap systems that eventually wear out
    • Special motors for automatic, constant tension for printing and protection paper at exit of the machine
    • Built-in security system in case of power loss and compressed air loss
    • PLC program for setting machine start-up and shut-down times as well as settings for specific papers.
    • NOMEX felt, that guarantees optimum printing results and a long working life.
    • Multifunctional electronic meter-counter, with alarm to predetermine the length of production runs
    • Temperature cooling system for printed fabric exit, complete with fan
    • Front touch-screen keyboard for production data access and programming
  • Each model effectively doubles in speed with every increase in drum size.

    ModelDrum SizeMaximum Width
    901360mm3.6 meters
    91500mm5.2 meters
    980800mm3.6 meters
    9021000mm5.2 meters


  • 90191 – 5200980902
    Drum diameter350mm500mm800mm1000mm
    Drum width3.6 meters5.2 meters3.6 meters5.2 meters
    Power42 kw/h63 kw/h115 kw/h165 kw/h
    Electrical Consumption30 kw/h41 kw/h78 kw/h110 kw/h
    Max Speed – linear ft per min13254965

    IN W x D X H


    198 x 77 x 83


    214 x 257 x 90


    201 x 91 x 79


    259 x 99 x 79

    Weight – lbs992028,66017,63633,069