If you are looking to increase speed and capacity, beat the competition, or move into new markets, but you aren’t sure if you are ready to make the investment yet, make sure you have considered the Section 179 tax benefits you will receive by making that investment!

By taking advantage of Section 179 you could easily save more in taxes in this year than you would pay in total first-year lease payments! That’s more than enough time to ramp up and start making money with your new equipment.

Businesses with a net loss are still qualified to deduct some of the cost of the new equipment and carry-forward the loss.

We wrote about the benefits of leasing and taking advantage of Section 179 in a blog post and we’re glad to give you a tool to calculate your own savings below!


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Through Section 179 you can deduct your entire equipment purchase value up to $1 million. The bonus depreciation allows you to deduct 100% of the remaining equipment price up to $2.5 million. The deduction begins to phase out on a dollar-for-dollar basis after $2.5 million and ends at $3.5 million.
For example, if you’re ready to make a big investment in your business that totals $650,000, you would be able to deduct the entire $650,000, bringing your cash savings to a whopping $227,500 and a final lowered cost of equipment to $422,500.


For the first time ever, Section 179 AND the bonus deduction are both available for NEW and USED equipment so you can chat with your Global Imaging sales rep about any equipment we carry or any equipment you see on the Global Garage as well.

Global Imaging Finance will finance both new and used equipment so you can talk to your rep about wrapping this all up in a lease package that will likely cost you less in first-year payments than your total tax savings this year!