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    The world of two-dimensional communications continues to trend toward more competition and tighter margins. 3D printing has the flexibility, speed and price point to unlock huge new creative opportunities and drive profitable growth for users. Add another dimension to your products and pull away from the pack by offering your customers something unique.



Brands Come to Life in the 3rd Dimension

In a world where flat, printed communications are all competing for our attention, add a 3D component to your traditional graphics for displays that actually stand out among the noise. 3D pieces occupy the very space that we do, becoming a part of our world instead of something on the outside waiting for us to notice it. Create visual interest as well as an interactive element to any marketing campaign with 3D printed pieces, from exhibit halls to retail spaces to fleet graphics.


MASSIVit 1800

The only 3D printer for the sign and graphics industry.



The Massivit 1800 is bigger than any other 3D printer commercially available today. Create objects up to 3'9" wide x 4'9" wide x 5'9" tall for wide and grand format applications.


Massivit uses a UV curable photopolymer that hardens as it prints, allowing you to produce hollow objects and shapes with roofs, undercuts or outcrops. Other types of 3D printers require external support pieces or internal honeycomb-like fills to be printed simultaneously, just so the object doesn't collapse, resulting in longer print times and increased material consumption and expense.


Founded by large format industry veterans, Massivit 3D knows a thing or two about maximizing throughput. While other machines are better for intricate prototyping and precise modeling, the 1800 was designed to create large format pieces fast – ten times faster to be exact. And with an optional second head, it can print two objects in tandem, saving even more production time.


Manually building large dimensional pieces is time consuming and non-repeatable. With downloadable 3D files, free design software and accessible education, 3D production is relatively quick and skilled designers and operators are easy to come by. Pair that with the fast print times mentioned previously and you’ll agree that Massivit 3D printing is an efficient, cost-effective and superior alternative to traditional production methods. You'll never go back to manual construction again.

3D vs 2D = 5x Stopping Power



Instead of comparing it to traditional printing, think of the Massivit 1800 as a tool to create, manufacture and design. Not only can you use it to quickly create one-off, large scale 3D pieces, but you can also manufacture other items, such as:  
  • Molds to mass produce many identical pieces for fleet graphics, etc.
  • Functional lighting applications
  • 3-dimensional billboard elements
  • High end custom decor
  • Bespoke sculptures
  • Full structures and buildings with sections printed on the 1800 then fused together