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Durst P5 TEX iSUB

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The Durst P5 TEX iSUB is a dye sublimation textile printer with inline sublimation. It can print and sublimate directly to fabric in a single-step workflow, or it can print to transfer paper that is then sublimated with an offline heat press.

Expanding off of the groundbreaking Rhotex 325 platform, the P5 TEX iSUB has a built-in, contactless fixation unit that fixes the ink into the fabric immediately after printing. However depending on the application, the printer can easily alternate to transfer printing which then is processed by an offline calender or heat press. This allows for high quality dye sub printing on any material, including coated metal blanks.

You can accommodate your customers’ needs, whatever they are, with this versatile dye sublimation printer from Durst.

The P5 TEX iSUB is the dye-sublimation printer with an integrated inline fixation (iSUB) for a 1-step direct to fabrics printing process. The Durst iSUB contactless fixing technology ensures excellent color consistency as well as extreme sharpness of detail in images and text, also blurring or bleeding of color is eliminated.

A wide range of applications on polyester material can be implemented with the new dye sublimation printer, such as light box and decorative fabrics including difficult media as blackback and flags.

However, the printer is not limited to direct printing, but transfer papers can also be printed and further processed in the usual way.

  • One-step process: Print and sublimate in one single step.
  • Direct or transfer printing: Quickly install vacuum plates onto the platen to switch from direct to transfer.
  • Multi roll loading: Load the next roll of fabric while the first one is still running, saving time on material changes.
  • Dual roll printing: Run two smaller rolls side by side on independent print queues

A new generation of dye-sub ink, P5 SUBLIFIX, provides optimum performance for a wide range of Soft Signage & Fabrics applications:

  • Enhanced color gamut
  • Vibrant 4 colors printing
  • Light Colors and additional process colors available
  • Optimized for dual purpose inline fixation and transfer printing
  • Excellent drying properties
  • Wide variety of polyester
  • Contactless/no bleeding fixation