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Impulsa Synchromatic

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With the Impulsa Syncrhomatic our customers get the best Return on Investment. Many industrial sewing machines are much more expensive, but don’t offer any more features than users achieve with the Impulsa.

Anyone producing large volumes of soft-signage will state the importance of keeping their sewing staff happy, and the Impulsa has resulted in some very happy and very productive industrial sewers.

Remove your finishing bottleneck and improve the quality of your finish with the Impulsa Synchromatic Industrial Sewing System.

  • The Impulsa Synchromatic is an industrial fabric textile sewing solution with synchronized conveyors and built-in automated Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) sewing.

    Impulsa Syncromatic machines are configured in three easy steps:

    1. select a conveyor size
    2. select a sewing workstation
    3. add your application guides

    12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

    • Industrial textile sewing speeds of up to 12 meters (39 feet) per minute
    • The conveyer belts are up to 10 meters in length, are synchronized to the needle, and can be docked to single or multiple sewing workstations to move easily from one workstation to another.
    • The sewing workstations are compatible with three types of sewing heads, either single or double-needle with up to 4 syncs.
    • Application guides are where Impulsa really excels. Be ready for any order with numerous stock sewing guides and custom guides made to order for virtually endless applications. All application guides are compatible with any of the three sewing workstations.

    Other features:

    • Automatic Reverse Sewing
    • Continuous Thread Tension
and thread cutting
    • At up to 4000 stitches per minute the needle can become quite hot – needle cooling is an essential feature.
    • ATAS automatically feeds and cuts keder for SEG. Includes synchronized keder feed, backstitch, and thread cutting.
    • Conveyer belts from 2- to 10-meters in length
    • Single or multiple sewing workstations
    • Single or double needle
    • Up to 4 syncs
    • Variety of application guides
    • ATAS SEG synchronized feeder
  • Workstation Brand# of Needles# of Syncs
    Dürkopp AdlerSingle4