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Kongsberg C Series

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The Kongsberg C Series is the most productive cutting table for packaging, wide format signage and display production.

With speeds up to an astounding 66 inches per second, these cutters offer the productivity you need to turn jobs around in record time. Combine that with the reliability and ease of use the Kongsberg name is known for and you have a cutting system that will take your business to the next level.

The Leading Edge

Kongsberg C Series is built for the highest performance, redefining the possibilities of digital finishing.

The Kongsberg C offers speed (100 m/min – 66 in/sec) and acceleration (up to 1.7 G) with quick and precise tool movements, making high quality digital production possible, even under the tightest deadlines.

The Kongsberg C cutting table delivers an iconic performance that is made possible by state of the art, rock solid engineering. The cutting table utilizes aerospace technology, combining an aluminum composite tabletop, a rack and pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping. These features all ensure that the table provides the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency.

Available in Six Sizes:

  • C20 – 66 x 56 (in) / 1680 x 1430 (mm)
  • C24 – 66 x 126 (in) / 1680 x 3200 (mm)
  • C44 – 87 x 126 (in) / 2210 x 3200 (mm)
  • C60 – 126.37 x 63 (in) / 3210 x 1600 (mm)
  • C64 – 126.37 x 126 (in) / 3210 x 3200 (mm)
  • C66 – 126.37 x 189 (in) / 3210 x 4800 (mm)

Introducing: Kongsberg C Edge

Exceptional quality at a remarkable price. Step up your productivity with its high speed (75 m/min) and acceleration (1G), and astound your customers with impressive, high quality results and fast turnarounds.
As your company grows, the Kongsberg C Edge evolves with you and can be easily upgraded in both speed and acceleration.

Rock Solid Build Quality

  • The reinforced steel tabletops use the same technology as seen in the aerospace industry
  • A carbon composite traverse is used on the super-wide C60, C64 and C66 models for increased rigidity and cutting precision
  • Rack and pinion drive system ensures long-lasting accuracy giving you the same high-quality cuts again and again

Multi-Zone Production

MultiZone production allows you to load two sheets at the same time and maximize the production capacity on your Kongsberg cutting table without expensive automation add-ons.

The MultiZone Operation Mode enables the operator to prepare one zone while the table processes the other, with automatic change-over when one zone is completed, vastly increasing overall productivity and throughput.

Quick and Precise

A high definition camera automatically detects registration marks, material edges and QR codes. The camera will read the unique barcode printed on each job and apply the correct tooling and production settings.

High speed material processing with up to 66 inches per second with an acceleration up to 1.7 G


  C20 C24 C44 C60 C64 C66
Work Area (in) 66 x 56 66 x 126 87 x 126 126.37 x 63 126.37 x 126 126.37 x 189
Dimensions (in) 109 x 91 109 x 154 128 x 154 168 x 91.5 168 x 154.5 168 x 217
Dimensions w/ Workstation (in) 142 x 91 142 x 154 161 x 154 201 x 91.5 201 x 154.5 201 x 217
Weight (lbs) 1765 1325 1760 1760 2870 3960
Vacuum Zones 4 8 8 4 8 8