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Designed and engineered with a singular focus on enhancing corrugated cutting productivity, every aspect of the Kongsberg Ultimate contributes to this goal. From the infinite linear motor drive for top-tier acceleration and cutting speeds to the innovative safety system, dedicated tools for continuous corrugated production, and an intuitive user interface facilitating smart and swift setup, it stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence in the industry.

Purpose Built

The Kongsberg Ultimate was designed and engineered from the ground up to do one thing well: make corrugated cutting as productive as possible. Every aspect of the table supports that goal.

Beyond Fast

Setting a new standard in the industry, the Kongsberg Ultimate showcases expert engineering, delivering precision results at unprecedented cutting and throughput speeds, reaching up to 2.74G acceleration and peak cutting speeds surpassing 165 m/min. Additionally, it incorporates SmartZone™, an advanced, proximity-driven safety feature prioritizing operator safety without compromising production efficiency, ensuring maximal uptime.

Pared Down, Geared Up

You won’t find a router or a kiss cutter on this machine. The Kongsberg Ultimate is a state-of-the-art digital cutting table meticulously engineered for corrugate and display production. It has all the tools corrugate producers need and has shrugged off the ones they don’t. It is tailored to address the distinctive challenges faced by corrugate converters dealing with continuous high-volume, multi-batch production. With dedicated tool positions for creasing, cutting and perforating, there’s no need to stop production to change out tools.

Available in Four Sizes:

  • Ultimate 24 – 66 x 126 (in) / 1680 x 3200 (mm)
  • Ultimate 44 – 87 x 126 (in) / 2210 x 3200 (mm)
  • Ultimate 64 – 126.4 x 126 (in) / 3210 x 3200 (mm)
  • Ultimate 66 – 126.4 x 189 (in) / 3210 x 4800 (mm)

PrecisionDrive™ Technology:

  • Combines infinite linear, high-torque motor with rack and pinion setup.
  • Up to 2.74G acceleration and peak cutting speeds exceeding 165 m/min.
  • Reduction in noise for a quieter working environment.

Innovative Structural Design:

  • Wide-format traverse beam meticulously woven from a single filament of carbon.
  • Ensures minimal twisting and bending under acceleration forces for optimal creasing.

SmartZone™ Safety System:

  • Proximity-driven dual-zone safety system.
  • First zone slows the machine, second zone pauses for operator safety.
  • Vibrant LED indicators communicate machine status for transparency and safety.

Tooling Optimized for Corrugated Production:

  • Three versatile tool positions for cutting, creasing, and perforating.
  • Dual Heavy-Duty Unit combined with the CorruSpeed tool and VibraCut Knife tools ensure uninterrupted productivity.
  • Seamless integration with existing Kongsberg C Series corrugated tools.

Modular Platform Grows with Your Business:

  • Start simple with a manual configuration and incorporate more automation upgrades over time as your business grows.
  • Automation options integrate with the system seamlessly and at any time.
  • Choose your ideal setup, from the semi-automated Feeder & Stacker to the fully automated Robotic Material Handler.

Intelligent Sequencing = Record Productivity:

  • The Kongsberg Ultimate excels with a 31% productivity increase over Kongsberg’s previous best.
  • The new Intelligent sequencing module increases that metric to a staggering 57% faster than any other Kongsberg table.
  • The heart of the sequencing module is a state-of-the-art algorithm that optimizes cutting routes for faster and more efficient production.

Personalized Workstation:

  • Adjustable worktop, storage trays, and Qi phone charger for operator convenience.
  • Intuitive touchscreen, digital buttons, integrated storage system, and dedicated bin for used blades.
  • Flexible design adaptable to any environment, ensuring optimal alignment with specific needs and layout.


  24 44 64 66
Work Area 66 x 126 in
1680 x 3200 mm
87 x 126 in
2210 x 3200 mm
126.4 x 126 in
3210 x 3200 mm
126.4 x 189 in
3210 x 4800 mm
Work Area,
66 x 57 in
1680 x 1450 mm
87 x 57 in*
2210 x 1450 mm*
126.4 x 63 in
3210 x 1600 mm
126.4 x 87
3210 x 2210 mm
Max Material
1.18 in
30 mm
Dimensions w/ Workstation 113.4 x 156.7 in
2880 x 3980 mm
134.3 x 156.7 in
3410 x 3980 mm
174.4 x 156.7 in
4430 x 3980 mm
174.4 x 156.7 in
4430 x 5580 mm
Machine Height
55.7 (34.5) in
1415 (875) mm
Vacuum Zones 8
Workstation Dimensions 35.4 x 31.7 in
900 x 804 mm
Workstation Height
67 (37-41) in
1704 (940-1040) mm
Max Linear Speed (XY) 110 in /sec
167.5 m/min (2.8 m/sec)
Max Linear
Acceleration (XY)
27 m/s2 – 1059 in/s2
26 m/s2 – 1023 in/s2
24.5 m/s2 – 965 in/s2
24.5 m/s2 – 965 in/s2

* Optional equal-zone table-top available for the Ultimate 44: 87 x 126 in (2210 x 1600 mm)