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G3, G3 cutter,cutter plotter,Zund Cutter,foamboard cutting
new digital flatbed cutter, Digital Flatbed Cutter

The "next generation" of Zund Cutters, capable of cutting materials between 126" W x 126" L and up to 60mm thick.

Exceptional versatility and modularity are the prime distinguishing characteristics of these new machines. Developed specifically for 24/7 operation, construction of the G3 is solid and heavy-duty yet excels in user-friendly operation, ergonomics, and reduced energy consumption.

New options include:

  • All nine G3 models can accommodate all available Zund tools and material-handling features
  • New V-Cut tool, rigid stock up to 16mm thick can be made foldable with angle-cuts from 15º to 45º
  • Freely combine up to 3 "hot-pluggable" tool modules on the beam simultaneously
  • Automatic tool recognition allows swapping of different tools on-the-fly, without the need for system recalibration
  • Optimal workflow efficiency with timesaving features such as uninhibited access from all sides and an ergonomically designed control panel
  • Exceptionally high cost-efficiency and secure ROI, short and long term
  • High-resolution ICC camera attaches directly to the carriage system and works interchangeably with all cutting/routing modules and tools

Compatible with any printing method and software solution:

  • Standard formats such as PDF, AI, EPS
  • RIP Software such as PosterShop, PosterPrint, ColorBurst
  • Registration systems such as i-Cut, Vision System, OptiSCOUT
  • Workflow software such as Prepare-it

Flexible into the future:

Zund cutters can be upgraded any time to keep up with ever-changing production needs. Many users have taken advantage of the modularity of Zund cutters at the time of purchase as well as later on. For instance, upgrading their existing configuration with a camera-guided registration system has given them access to entirely new markets.


Max Speed:39.37 in/sec or 1000 mm/sec (depending on material and tool options)*
Max Acceleration: Up to 1.00G (10 m/sec x sec)
Maximum Clearance:1.18 in (30 mm) standard, depending on tool head. Optional 2.36 in (60 mm) with raised beam.
Accuracy:Resolution of measuring system: 0.0002"
Addressable resolution:0.0004"
Mean static repeat:+/- 0.0008"
*Actual Cutting Accuracy depends on material type & thickness

Bed Width:89"107"126"
Bed Length:63"63"63"
Bed Width:52"70"
Bed Length:98"98"
Bed Width:70"89"107"126"
Bed Length:125"125"125"125"


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