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Zund D3

Zund Flatbed Cutters

The Zünd D3 sets new performance standards with its innovative double beam system. Depending on the job, the throughput can be doubled by using two beams that work independently of each other. The two beams can each be equipped with up to three different modules. The intelligent cutter controller allocates the jobs optimally between the two beams and thus ensures the highest possible productivity.

Zünd D3 cutters are precision machines. From the direct drive to the blade, all components are perfectly streamlined with one another. Produce your jobs efficiently at the highest level of quality. Impress your customers with perfect products.

Two beams for maximum productivity. Depending on the job, the throughput can be doubled using the two beams that work independently of each other. The intelligent cutter controller allocates the work optimally between the two beams and thus ensures the highest possible productivity.

Integrated tool initialization: the setting of knives, routers, and creasing wheels takes place via the fully automatic initialization system. Manual adjustment work to determine the cutting depth is no longer necessary.

Efficient tool management: modular design allows you to configure the required tooling in a few quick, easy steps. This allows you to react instantaneously to changes in production requirements.

4 sizes available from 70″x125″ to 126″x125″

12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

  • The tried and tested modular tool system is available on both beams of the Zünd D3. Define which functions your cutter has to fulfill and configure your individual tool combination from the Zünd modular system.
  • The Zünd D3 can be individually automated with cutter extensions and various material handling systems. This significantly increases the productivity of the cutter and manual activities are reduced to a minimum. The ergonomic design of the Zünd cutter simplifies the operator’s work, which increases efficiency even further.
  • A center winder allows for processing of rolls up to 220 lbs. Ingenious mechanics provide constant material tension and facilitate advancing even the most challenging textiles without wrinkles or stretch.
  • To accommodate the widest-possible range, Zünd offers different types of roll-offs for its range of cutting plotters. This system offers options for light materials, looser, flexible materials and kiss cutting orders. The unit minimizes wrinkles and stretch with electronic tension.

Zünd Cut Center (ZCC)

  • A comprehensive material database constitutes the core of the Zünd Cut Center software. It includes a multitude of materials in various thicknesses, as well as the recommended processing methods and parameters associated with each of them. All suggested methods and parameters are based on extensive testing performed by the Zünd R&D department.
  • The Cut Queue calculates an estimated processing time in each phase of production. Once a job is completed, the actual production time is saved along with thecut data. You can export this information anytime for invoicing purposes or for planning repeat orders.
  • Job statistics areautomatically saved and contain a detailed break-down of the time it took to produce the job. This information can be used for invoicing or for planning the production of repeat orders.
  • ZCC integrates seamlessly in thePrint&Cut workflow. With a standard link to Caldera CostView, for example, you never lose track of your production costs.
  • Cutter extensions that add integrated loading and unloading zones to the cutter
  • Manual and automated loading options for sheets and boards



  L XL 2XL 3XL
3200 70” x 125” 89” x 125” 107” x 125” 126” x 128”