• adapting to the change


    How has your company responded to the shift in the market? These applications can help you adapt to the change in demand for traditional graphics and signage to produce products in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


    Imaging companies of all kinds are adapting to the change brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look at a handful of heroic businesses who are producing PPE for their communities and find out what equipment they're using to get it done.


Global Imaging is the premier U.S. distributor for grand format equipment and supplies. We focus on leading edge products that bring margin and innovation to our customers’ businesses. Instead of offering the widest range of grand format printing products on the market, we focus on selecting the best. Our team of technology experts is constantly on the lookout for the next important development in workflow evolution. The strength of our recommendations is the bedrock of our business – and we are devoted to curating the best possible product portfolio for our customers.

5-meter industrial fabric printer


The first ever 5-meter, industrial dye sublimation printer has arrived. And you can find it right here at Global.


Scott Snoyer

Scott Snoyer

Owner / Big Visual Group

What really sets Global apart for us is how well they know our business. Not only do I feel comfortable involving them in big purchasing decisions, but they’ve become like an internal team member. They actually come to me with new market opportunities for us, things that really help us differentiate our offering. They are true, long-term partners.

Steve Saak

Steve Saak

Founder & CEO / S&S Promotions

Global helps me make many of the critical decisions for equipment in my business. They know my company inside, and out. Global has a deep understanding of solutions in the market today. I bring them in on tough capital decisions because they have the broadest view on the industry overall. They're a powerful shortcut to the best solutions curated to meet my needs. Global is a true Partner for our company.

Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen

President / Sign Language XL

We see Global as our change agent manager in our relationship. It allows us to see new things, to develop new things to pay attention to, and it also opens up new markets for us to sell into. So by bringing in new technology, new solutions, new ideas, they allow us to be the change we need to be inside our own company.

We don't just sell printers and stuff.


Our top priority is making sure our customers not only have the grand format equipment they need to produce their product, but also the guidance before the sale to choose the right equipment for their workflow and the training (and re-training) and support after the sale to make the most of their investment. Whether you’re looking for consultative business advice, workflow optimization, ways to address new challenges, or simply want to procure the best equipment for your shop, Global Imaging is Your Grand Format Solutions Company.

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