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Durst P5 350 HSR

UV Curable Printers

Introducing the Durst P5 350 HSR, a cutting-edge large-format printer designed to redefine your printing experience. Based on the flagship P5 350 HS, the HSR offers users the same advanced technology and superior print quality in a dedicated roll-to-roll platform for flexible materials. Unleash unparalleled precision and speed as you bring your creative visions to life with the P5 350 HSR.

With feedback from their most loyal customers as their inspiration, Durst developed the P5 family of printers to address five key areas:

  1. Productivity
  2. Reliability
  3. Workflow
  4. Versatility
  5. Print quality

The result is a UV curable printing platform that outshines even its capable predecessor, the Rho P10 series:

  • Integrated touchscreen display with intuitive Durst RIP and print management software
  • Easy access print head maintenance area
  • Fast, easy print head replacement (no Durst technician required)
  • Fast print head maintenance/startup time (2 minutes vs. 10 minutes*)
  • Fast material change process (35 seconds vs. 60 seconds*)
  • 7 picoliter drop size = higher quality
  • 60% higher jetting frequency = faster print speeds
  • Ink circulation throughout the entire ink system prevents nozzle clogging

Printing Performance

  • High-speed roll-to-roll LED printer with a 3.5m printing width.
  • Productivity up to 7,212 sq.ft/h (670 sqm/h) for unattended production.

Media Handling and Cutting

  • Integrated cutting system for precise media cutting during printing.
  • Media tension equalization for consistent and reliable unattended production.
  • Dual roll option for enhanced flexibility in handling different media types.
  • Heavy duty roll support for long-run attended production accommodates rolls with a diameter up to 635 mm and a weight of 2,205 lbs.

Efficiency and Productivity Boosters

  • Integrated Mesh-System for swift material changes between Banner and Mesh, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Optional inline X-Y cutting system enables sheet cutting without interrupting the ongoing printing process.

User-friendly Design

  • Roll support system simplifies media loading and changing, promoting ease of use.
  • Capability for processing rolls in multiroll configurations, providing added versatility.
  • Easy plug and play ink changes
  P5 350 HSR
RESOLUTION 700 x 1200 dpi
900 x 1200 dpi
MAX PRODUCTIVITY 7,212 sq ft/hr
670 sq m/hr
COLOR CHANNELS CMYK + 4 optional channels
INK CAPACITY 5-liter containers
MAX PRINTING WIDTH 138 in (3500 mm)
MAX ROLL WIDTH Single Roll: 138 in (3500 mm)
Dual Roll: 64 in (1625 mm)