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Miller Weldmaster HG50


Discover unparalleled efficiency with the Miller Weldmaster HG50, an all-in-one machine that seamlessly combines welding, cutting, and grommeting workflows. Engineered for a one-person operation, this high-speed banner finishing machine maximizes floor space and streamlines processes, offering a significant boost in productivity for businesses running high-volume banner production.


The perfect finishing solution for high-volume banner producers. This system is a hands-off solution for cutting, welding and grommeting a full roll of banner material in a single step. The HG50 expertly welds a diverse range of materials, including PVC (vinyl), mesh and new environmentally friendly sign materials.

Finishing banners is typically done in multiple stages, requiring multiple machines at different stations. The HG50 gives you the ability to weld, cut and grommet in one movement, eliminating time, material handling, and labor.


  • Precision Linear Actuated Unwinds: Offers smooth and controlled material feed.
  • Advanced Tension Control: Features a braked unwind mechanism to ensure consistent tension throughout the operation.
  • Smart Recipe Storage & PLC Control: Enhance user experience by storing specific settings and ensuring seamless machine operations.
  • Intelligent Dual-Direction Cutting: Optimized for exact cut-to-length functions, backed by sophisticated photo-
    sensing technology.
  • Quick-Adjust Solid Lower Weld Roller: Ensures rapid size modifications with minimal downtime.
  • Pneumatic Accumulator with Strategic Positioning: Facilitates uninterrupted welding. Positioned at the top to enable seamless pass-through loading.
  • Accurate Grommet Placement: Integrated photo eyes guarantee precision in grommet positioning.
  • Versatile Grommet Options: Compatible with both durable plastic and robust metal grommets.
  • Integrated Output Puller: Ensures uniform tension and seamlessly synchronizes with the cutting system for optimal performance.
Roll Width Capacity 2.5 Meter or 3.2 Meter
Electrical 240 Volts Three Phase – 60 Amp
400 Volts Three Phase – 40 Amp
Air Requirements 5 cfm at 100psi
Max Temperature 730˚C (1,346˚F)
Seam Width 25 mm or 50 mm (1″ or 2″)
Welding Speed Up to 6.5m /min (21ft /min)