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Kongsberg X Series

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The Kongsberg X Series is the most versatile cutting table for signage, displays and packaging with tooling kits for a range of applications.

Configure your Kongsberg X Series cutting table with the tools you need today and have peace of mind knowing you can easily upgrade your cutter as your business evolves. Add new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

The Industry’s Most Flexible Platform

In a world with rapid technology changes, it is important to invest in equipment that offers the flexibility to grow in-line with your business needs.

With the Kongsberg X you can invest in the equipment you need today with the confidence that you can easily upgrade as your business grows. Add new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

Available in Six Sizes:

  • X20 – 66 x 50 (in) / 1680 x 1270 (mm)
  • X22 – 66 x 86 (in) / 1680 x 2190 (mm)
  • X24 – 66 x 126 (in) / 1680 x 3200 (mm)
  • X44 – 87 x 126 (in) / 2210 x 3200 (mm)
  • X46 – 87 x 189 (in) / 2210 x 4800 (mm)
  • X48 – 87 x 258 (in) / 2210 x 6550 (mm)

Introducing: Kongsberg X Edge

The Kongsberg X Edge is the entry level version of the Kongsberg X. It is capable of delivering speeds of 20 inches per second with acceleration of 0.3 G and can handle the full spectrum of display, signage and packaging materials. Designed to grow with your business, the X Edge can be upgraded in both speed and acceleration when you need it.

Auto Tool Adjust

Auto tool Adjust is a unique technology providing automatic tool calibration using image processing. This feature makes sure that the tooling always runs with perfect alignment, which is a prerequisite for producing high quality output at high processing speeds.

Auto Tool Adjust is automated, that means that even the most novice operator can produce top output quality without losing time or making errors.

Multi-Zone Production

MultiZone production allows you to load two sheets at the same time and maximize the production capacity on your Kongsberg cutting table without expensive automation add-ons.

The MultiZone Operation Mode enables the operator to prepare one zone while the table processes the other, with automatic change-over when one zone is completed, vastly increasing overall productivity and throughput.

Barcode Production

One-piece-flow by barcode production ensures consistent production and final quality. Especially recommended when several unique jobs are lined up. The camera reads barcodes and automatically applies the correct tooling and production settings.

Kongsberg X Short Run

  • For sample making, short run production and other packaging-related tasks
  • Production on a wide range of materials with fewer manual tool changes
  • Extra fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration
  • Available with felt or PVC underlay

Kongsberg X Production

  • For signage, packaging or displays production
  • Great quality for any job or application
  • Ability to add a conveyor system to support automated board & roll loading
  • A variety of milling options to match your throughput requirements
  • Perfect print-to-cut registration

Kongsberg X Flexo

  • Cutting of flexo plates and patches
  • Operates back to back with your imaging device, physically and digitally
  • Fits in a truly tailored workflow defined with Esko’s Digital Flexo team
  • Can also be equipped to produce dedicated shipping boxes for your finished plates


  X20 X22 X24 X44 X46 X48
Max Material Size (in) 68 x 69 68 x 101 68 x 140 89 x 140 89 x 206 89 x 273
Weight (lbs) 455 525 630 815 1150 1485
Max Speed
Kongsberg X: 33 in/sec; 50 m/min
Kongsberg X Edge: 20 in/sec; 30 m/min
Vacuum Zones 2 2 4 4 4 4