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Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Edge


Finish a 4×6 banner in under 1 minute. The T300 Extreme Edge is a banner-welding machine that combines versatility with precision adjustments.

The T300 Extreme Edge comes equipped for finishing high-speed hems, pockets, rope-in-hems for banners, signs and printed media.

Combines versatility and precisely controlled operating parameters within an ergonomic design and interface for easy operation, speed, accuracy, and productivity.

10 to 50mm seam width.

Hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types.

12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

  • With speeds up to 30M per minute, you will become a pro at finishing banners and signs quickly.
  • Near invisible seams
  • Remove the tape, glue or thread matching! Weld the material to itself producing the highest quality, best looking seams
  • Easy operation touch screen with recipe storage for quick setting recall
  • Equipped with dual arms for increased product versatility
  • Quick, repeatable head adjustments for precision welding
  • Available in hot wedge, hot air or equipped with both for optimal product production
  • Quick, easy guide change for multiple seam configurations
  • Welds: Hem, hem with pocket, hem with rope, overlap
  • Hem
  • Hem with pocket
  • Hem with rope
  • Overlap


Electrical 10 amps – Single Phase – 230/400 Volts
Air Requirements 85 Liters per minute at 6.2 bar
Max Temperature Hot Air: 750º C – Hot Wedge: 450º C
Seam Width Hot Wedge: 10 – 50mm*
Welding Speed Up to 30 meters per minute**

* Additional guides may be necessary

**Depending on the application, the seam width and type of material used