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Miller Weldmaster Impulse Extreme


A water-cooled impulse technology combined with precision controlled welding parameters that will create the best looking and strongest seams for a versatile product range.

Precise, accurate and easy to use with a single operator the Impulse Extreme is designed with upper and lower welding bars for consistent heat and flat seams.

The Impulse Extreme is ergonomically designed for easy use and operation to improve efficiency.

Thermo impulse sealing welder.

Produces the strongest acrylic and marine seams available.

Machine sizes are 126″ (3 meter) , 177″ (4.5 meter), or 236″ (6 meter).

Built for one-person operation.

Welds many materials including PVC, PE and PU.

12-week lead time from receipt of deposit.

  • Efficient and straightforward design and controls for consistent, easy product construction
  • With the ability to weld nearly all fabric types from PVC to shade material to Polyethylene, this precision controlled impulse machine will weld all the seam types required for sign, awning, tent and tarp welding applications.
  • PLC controlled heating and cooling cycles for consistent welds
  • 10 programmable menu settings for simple operator use
  • Water cooled upper and lower welding bars for consistent heat and flat seams
  • Advanced dual safety features including safety pressure switch and photo eye monitoring
  • Automated folding system for hands-free operation

Welds (Instead of Available Options)

  • Overlap
  • hem
  • hem with pocket
  • rafter strap
Voltage 50 amps – Single Phase – 230 Volts
Air Requirements 140 liters per minute at 6.9 bar
Power Consumption 10Kw
Maximum Temperature 260º C (500º F)
Throat Width 3m
Seam Width 10mm – 15mm – 20mm – 25mm
Welding Cycle Approx 15 seconds